“”Please do not cali them rolls! There are centuries of history behind what some dare to cali “rolled meat slices”. So let’s start with thè name: they are called “braciole” because of thè way they were used to be cooked, grilled actually,so that they ended up brown and crispy outside but stili tender inside. In ancient time thè “braciole” were commonly eaten by thè fire, during thè Baroque period, with lakes of red wine and legendary tales. Already in those days – you’ll be surprised to know – they were one of thè favorite dishes of thè Sicilians people! In thè XVI century thè Spanish were thè ones introducing them to thè inhabitants of Trinacria ; thè legend tells that thè Queen Joanna of Spain herself, called “thè Mad”, had a taste for them , so much that she included in her royal kitchen tons of cooks exclusively trained in thè preparation of thè “braciole of thè Queen”. It was one of these cooks indeedjover of Queen Giovanna,thè one bringing thè rolls ‘s recipe to thè island,while escaping rushly thè fury of Charles of Hapsburg (son of Giovanna and legitimate heir to thè throne of Spain) who was angry of thè illicit relationship between thè two. It was at that time that thè people of Messina had thè opportunity to taste them for thè first time and immediately fall in love, later on thè population made them themselves and customized them to uniquennes, through a special condiment, that stili currently remains thè same as fìve centuries ago. Today those rolled “slices of meat” became a typical product of thè island’s cuisine, famous throughout Sicily, but only thè “messinesi” keeped over time thè ancient recipe with his legendary flavor intact and for thè first time, since November 9 2013, available foryou to enjoy in this store in Milan.”